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September 12th Research Event Details

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The aim of this workshop–and others that may follow–is to demonstrate research strategies and resources in practice rather than the abstract, centering on the project proposals of two students in our program:  Tonya Foster and Alicia Andrzejewski (who have kindly volunteered to share drafts of their doctoral work with us in the early prospectus stage).

Below please find descriptions of Tonya Foster and Alicia Andrzejewski’s projects & questions about research. Please read these descriptions in preparation for the event on September 12.

During the event, English librarian Alycia Sellie will present and discuss some approaches to research based on these descriptions and meetings she had with each researcher about their projects. After the event, Alycia will post responses/ recommendations/ inspirations for these students here on this site as well–so stay tuned!

Any members of the program who would like to offer additional suggestions for research strategies and resources for these students should send them to me at: I will post any suggestions or comments you send along to this blog on your behalf.  It would be great to see broad participation from all members of the program, and ideally to build a common culture of research and collaboration across periods and interests.

Alicia Andrzejewski’s Project Description and Research Questions

Tonya M. Foster’s Project Description and Research Questions

In addition to sharing descriptions of their scholarly projects, Tonya Foster and Alicia Andrzejewski responded to the following questions:

  • What questions/ anxieties do you have about completing research for your dissertation?
  • When it comes to researching your topic, is there something in particular you are wondering about?
  • Do you have any “dream materials” you are having to find/ any resources that would be of huge value to your project?
  • What kinds of research have you already completed on your project, and what resources & databases have you tried?

The event will be held at 2pm in room 4406.

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September 4th, 2014 at 4:22 pm

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